A Reiki Session is a process through which the Reiki Practitioner individualizes, notifies, and balances the Chakras of the client.

    The time required for a Session is indicatively of 90 to 120 minutes. The real time of a Session can go over these limits, accordingly with the necessary work to be done.

     A Reiki Session at Reiki & Surroundings is completed in 4 fundamental parts:


1) Connecting

     The Session starts with a brief chat between the client & the practitioner. The meaning of it is to create a deep connection that will facilitate healing in the process of the Session.


2) Diagnosing

     This is when the practitioner will check the functioning of the client’s Chakras. Each step of a Chakra Aura Reading will be clearly explained by the practitioner to the client. The client might be asked to recall events of his/her life to better understand the reasons why a particular Chakra might be imbalanced. In this part of the Session the connection started in the first part, continues and increases. Only when the client has completely understood his/her Chakra’s condition, the Session can move to the third part.


3) Reiki

     It is the hands-on energy work. The client is invited to relax and close his/her eyes. The practitioner starts channeling Reiki energy from source into the client’s body.

     Many times happen that the client goes to sleep. It is considered a good thing to happen. Sleep brings dreams and dreams are the way the Spiritual Realm gets in touch with us.

     It is suggested to try to gently remember dreams, visions and/or recurring thoughts that happen to have during the energy work. The practitioner, while healing the client’s Chakras, can himself/herself get information from the Spiritual Realm. All of those information will be interesting the fourth and last part of the Session.


4) Grounding

     At the end of the energy work, the client will be asked of what his/her feeling were during the session and what he/she remembers in terms of dreams, visions and/or recurring thoughts.

     The practitioner will also share the information received during the energy work.

     The practitioner might give some assignments to the client, tent to keep the client’s Chakras balanced and improve the client’s life.

     It is strongly suggested to drink a lot of water after a Reiki Session for cleansing.


A Reiki Session costs $120. Please check our Special Offers page.

You can have a Reiki Session at your place.
A Reiki Session is by appointment only.

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