The Chakras

(Number of Vortices – Psychological Function – Area of Body Governed)


Crown Chakra

Crown972 Vortices

Connection to Spirituality. The integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Upper Brain, Right Eye, Pineal Gland.


Hello, I am your Crown Chakra. I am right on top of your head and Face the sky. I am a thinking Chakra and am associated to your ability to implement spiritual thoughts in your everyday life. Dreams are a clear result of my operation.


Forehead Chakra

Forehead96 Vortices

To visualize and understand mental concepts. How the world is perceived and how the world responds to self. The ability to create & implement ideas.

Lower Brain, Left Eye, Ears, Nose, Nervous System, Pituitary Gland.


Hello, I am your Forehead Chakra I am located right in between your eyes, above your nose. I am also called The Third Eye Chakra. I am a thinking Chakra and am associated to your intuition and your ability to develop thoughts by the information you have. I also govern the way you perceive the world.


Throat Chakra

Throat16 Vortices

Taking responsibility for ones needs via communication. A person unconscious deep sense of self, ones profession and relationship with peers. Fear that prevents action.

Bronchial and Vocal Lungs, Alimentary, Canal, Thyroid Gland.


Hi there, I am your Throat Chakra. I am right in the center of your throat, very close to your vocal chords. I am a thinking Chakra. I govern your ability to express what you need so you can get it. I hold your Fears and am responsible for your career and your self-esteem.


Heart Chakra

Heart12 Vortices

 Ability and willingness to love self, family, friends and humanity. Ones capacity to heal, forgive, change, have faith and to let go. Ones capacity to perceive self and others as connected to the Divine.

Heart, Blood, Vagus Nerve, Circulatory System, Thymus Gland


Hello, I am your Heart Chakra. I am right in the center of your chest. I am a ‘doing’ Chakra. My expertise is Love. I govern your ability to love yourself and to love everybody else and also your ability to accept to be loved. Your ability to be a compassionate and forgiving person also is part of my duties. I am your healer.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar10 Vortices

Connecting to one’s mother, peers and the Universe. The ability to be and stay physically healthy. The capacity to be powerful & to access all knowledge. Taking responsibility for ones situation.

Stomach, Liver, Gall, Bladder, Nervous System, Pancreas Gland.


Hi, I am your Solar Plexus Chakra. I am located just below the tip of your sternum. I am a doing Chakra and am a very complex one. I am associated to your relationship with your mom and to your ability to connect to others. I hold your knowledge, your emotions and your ability to feel powerful. And yet, the most important of my functions is your ability to take responsibility for anything happens in your life.


Sacral Chakra

Sacral6 Vortices

The quality of love for the opposite sex. The ability to engage in sexual relations, both in capacity and desire. Ones capacity to enjoy life, its pleasures. Implementing creative pursuits.

Reproductive Systems, Gonads Gland.


Hi there, I am your Sacral Chakra. I am just below your belly button. I am a doing Chakra and govern your ability to be intimate with the opposite sex. I am also associated to your ability to find pleasure about anything and to choose to be happy.


Base Chakra

Base4 Vortices

The quality of physical energy. The will to live in the physical reality.

Spinal Column, Kidney, Adrenal Gland.


Hello, I am your Root Chakra. I am located at your base, between the crotches of your legs and face the ground. I am a doing Chakra. It is because of me that you get your vital energy from Mother Earth. I govern your ability to be and want to be in this world. I am your connection to the now.

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