What is a Chakra Aura Reading?

     Being able to “read” how energy flows in our Chakras (7 major energy centers along our spine), can tell us a lot about our emotional, psychological and physical health. The only way energy is supposed to flow in our Chakras is circular, clockwise. Any other way energy circulates in them, can denote an unbalanced condition in that specific Chakra, which means that the psychological/emotional/physical functions governed by that Chakra are unbalanced.


What can I expect from it?

     A better understanding of how everyday life can affect the flow of energy in our Chakras and that being able to change the way energy flows in our Chakras, we can be able to change our everyday life!

     Most of the times, we go through our life and we do not completely realize how it can deeply influence our emotions, psychology and physical health.

     Understanding how energy works in ourselves and learning how mind, body and soul interact with it, can give us the opportunity to make healthier choices of life and actually change it!


How is the reading done?

     You will be normally laying down on a massage-bed, but seating in a chair or standing will work too. The practitioner holds a crystal pendulum, hanging it in front of your Chakras and the pendulum will swing accordingly with the way energy is flowing in your Chakras.

     The different kind of swings have different meanings and the practitioner will notify them to you, ask you questions and give you possibilities, all tent to individualize the reason why of your eventually unbalanced Chakra/s.

     Knowing and understanding why a Chakra is unbalanced, can give you the opportunity to make the shifts and changes required to re-balance it and keep it balanced. Depending on personal sensitivity, at times a reading can be healing!

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