When are Reiki I classes scheduled?

      Reiki I Classes are normally held on a Sunday.

Where are they held?

      Classes will be held at Reiki & Surroundings facility.

When can I enroll in a Reiki I class?

     Because at Reiki & Surroundings each class has to be preceded by two Reiki Sessions, the latest time to enroll for a class is 2 weeks before the date of the class.

Why do I need to have two Reiki Sessions before an Attunement?

     Reiki is not just something you learn, you earn it. Having two Reiki Sessions before the Attunement, not only prepares you, Body, Soul & Mind, for the Attunement, it also gives you a complete understanding on how a Reiki Session is being conducted.

How long does a Reiki I class last?

      A Reiki I class normally lasts between 4 to 6 hours. It is the longest of the three Reiki classes because its Attunement is divided in 4 Attunements, which are executed along the duration of the class.

How much does a Reiki I class including two Reiki Sessions cost?

A Reiki I Attunement, including two 90 to 120 minutes Reiki Sessions, costs $300.00. Please, check our Special Offers page

Available training with clients.

Bring another person to the Attunement and both of you will save $50. Get great discounts buying packages.

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