Luciano Luongo

Profilo     is the facilitator of Reiki & Surroundings. He is a native born Italian who, walking his Spiritual path, embraced the Reiki discipline since 2005.

     He comes from a family that counts many intuitive healers among its members.

     Luciano started his career as Reiki Master/Teacher in 2009 in New York City. 

     He is listed on Thumbtack where he was awarded Best of 2015 and Best of 2016 for the large amount of positive reviews by his clients.

     Luciano does not believe that a Session can be limited in time. Each client is different in the way they experience Reiki and a Session can’t be the same for all  of them.

     He believes that most of the merits of his skill as healer come from the way he was taught Reiki and he chooses to teach his students in the same way.

     Each Reiki Attunement is preceded by 2 Reiki Sessions and after each Attunement, the student will get the opportunity to practice with clients.

     Luciano will always be happy to answer your questions. If you have any question, contact him at any time!

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